Your dog needs to be smart and intelligent as your other family members. You may love it like your child so you have to take its better care. In order to give it more care you have to learn it some important tricks. It will help your dog to come out of danger and helping you too. Sometimes you will not stay at home and it will be alone at home so it may become emotional or upset. If you can properly train it theses steps they will be very important for its life and for you too.
1. Teach Stand : you have to teach your dog to stand in the same position for a long time. Just make a short command over it to make it statue. To make these theories perfect for your dog you have to train it. From the very beginning to end you have to teach it to stand and you can apply this command using a stick also.

2.Teach Release : you may keep it a box or hold with something so that it cannot go out of house. Then once it may fall in danger if something strange happens to your house such fire or earthquake. So it is wise you teach your dog to realize from a very danger situation by itself.

3.Teach Come : using the commands of hands you can call your dog whenever you are free. You have to call it with a shouting voice so that it response to your words. You also may use its name to call it.
4. Teach Stay : Your dog will never want to stay in its same position while walking outside with you. It may be appealed to see the environment of outside and the other dogs and humans. But you have to command it to stay with you.

5. Teach Heel : You have to teach you dog to heel for its safety running and staying with you. You can instantly ask your dog to leave or come or realize. If it tries to bite you, you have to teach it to heel also for its safety. Walking with is a heel training which will keep it with you till you are not unsafe.
6.Teach Take It : You have to teach your dog to take something in its mouth as it takes its treats. You just teach it to be polite and ask It to take something and deliver it to someone else. When you will need something to deliver to your wife from one room to another, you can ask your dog to take that in its mouth.

7.Teach Leave it : If your dog bites on your hand or clothes you have to make a strong command to leave you. If you can teach it properly then your dog will never become disobedient to you. If you are busy in a meeting with someone, you can immediately ask him to leave the place.

8. Teaching Bring It : To bring something you can ask your dog with a strong voice command. You also have the opportunity to use a stick to command your dog. What you need you can immediately bring to you using command over your dog. You have to call your dog by its name to bring something when you need them.

9. Household items names teaching : In your house there are a lot of things which you may need any time. Such as plate, bowl, glass or spoon may need you to bring by your dogs help. Then you can take an instant step to teach your dog to bring them. If it needs to eat teach it to bring a bowl to mean its feeding time.

Teaching commands and obedience to your dog is not a very hard job. You just need to learn how to make it effective in your dogs mind. Make practice of teaching them to your dog over and over to get success. If you can apply proper theories to teach your dog, you will never face any problems to make it your obedience. Your dog will remain obedient and safe you from danger if you can teach the tricks above properly.


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