1. Do Before Getting Late
Two types of symptom that are linked to heart, kidney, and other serious chronic illnesses and they are known as tooth decay and gums. If there is any sign of gums you have to immediately take your dog to the doctor’s chamber. The veteran will check up your dogs health and tooth so that he can specify its proper symptom and give it proper treatment also. If you are late to take care of your dogs gums types problems it may become harder in future and may not be treated.
2. Give Them Bones to Chew On
Dogs are nocturnal animal coz they stay wake late night and look after our house. So it needs proper nutrition that builds its eyes power and increase its teeth chewing strength. If you provide your dog fish or meat bones they will chew them and it will make strong their teeth as long as they keep on with them. Outer part of your gods teeth become clean by chewing bones.

3. To Treat or Not to Treat?
Its true if you can make practicing your dog for chewing bones will make its teeth strong. But you can take care of its teeth with a brush too. You can use animal paste on its brush and apply it on your dog’s teeth through. Rub the brush on your dog’s teeth over and over for 5 minutes and it will become white and shiny.

4. Good Eats
The foods that contain iron and nutrition together should be given your dog for eating. Fish, meat and iron containing foods are helpful for the teeth. I hope it will help to build your dogs teeth better and stronger.

5. Stimulate Their Gums
It’s a periodontal disease that takes place in your dog’s teeth in four stages. In the last stage it reaches in the worst situation. Take help from dental doctors and give it medicines according to their prescription. Regular teeth brushing will never let it fall in gums illness.

6. Learn How to Brush Cat Teeth
You can brush your dog’s teeth using tooth brush like human being. But you cannot use human paste and brush for your dog. Because the paste chemicals that may cause gums on its teeth. Beside man using brushes are very soft but your dog needs a little hard to remove its gums from its teeth easily.

7. Establish a Cleaning Routine
You have to take proper concentration on your dog’s teeth whether it’s clean or not. Do not use any chemical mixed dental powder or paste on your dog. Follow dog’s best using paste or teeth cleaning brushes to keep its teeth spot free.

8. Be Thorough During the Checkup
When your dog has both bad breath and bleeding from the mouth are risky for your dog. It causes when your dog has accompanied by any dental disease. In this situation you have to console a veteran for your helpless dog and take proper care to recover its teeth damages. You can also check up its gums problem or the reason of its bleeding from its mouth.

9. Give Them a Yearly Checkup
Every single year later your dog’s health should be checked up by veteran or in a animal hospital. From the yearly check up report you will be able to find its health problem s. Some health problems are linked to the teeth damages such as when your dog have to lack of iron. So try to feed it food that contains large amount of iron such as vegetables and fruits.

10. Feed Vitamin C
Your dog needs fruits which contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. But for your dogs teeth you need to choose fruits that is abound with vitamin c. Some fruits contains large amount of iron and you can serve them before your dog.


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